3 Good Things About 2020

As everyone knows 2020 has been one heck a year. The whole Covid-19 pandemic has really thrown a wrench into the normality that we once knew. It has been tough on everyone in different ways, but as difficult as this year has been and in the spirit of the holidays I wanted focus on 3 really positive things that came out of 2020.

 photo credit Nserrano: news.usc.edu/76761/las-environment 

                                                           Clean Air       

 The first on my list was something that happened during the beginning stages of the pandemic. With the state on lockdown and people staying home traffic was at an all time low. Here in Southern California, traffic was so light you could traverse LA anytime of day, without   worry of congestion. The lack of cars on the roads directly resulted in not only  a less stressful travel experience, but notably cleaner air. In an article that was published in April of this year, IQ Air,  a tech company that tracks global air quality reported that LA had some of the cleanest air in the world. Yep you didn’t read that wrong, a place that is notorious for dirty air, had some of the cleanest in the world. In my book this is definitely a win, the only downside is it took global pandemic to make it happen.

 While things have moved back towards a ‘normal’ traffic flow, we also have seen more companies agreeing to let people work from home and telecommute. This in turn has allowed people to move out and away from congested urban areas and towards more open-space areas all due to tele-commuting.  Mike Moore | The Journal Gazette
While adhering to social distancing guidelines, friends, from left, Janet Meyers, Esther Hansen, Sally Schnitz, Howard Gudakuntz, Lois Lovinger, and Larry Palmer gather Friday under sunny skies for a driveway luncheon in New Haven.photo credit Mike Moore: Journal Gazette.

                                      Time At Home

Number two on my list is the appreciation of staying home. Before Covid many of us had such a busy schedule that the only time we were at home was when we were sleeping. The busy lifestyles that many of us had been leading did not leave a lot of extra time  for anything but a quick meal and catching some zzz’s. When the country was plunged into lockdown a great deal of us were forced to stay home, and in turn began to remember the positive things about being home. Suddenly we had time to mow the lawn that hadn’t been cut in 3 weeks, after sleeping in until 9. Projects that were put off for months became things of the past became realities, walking the dog no longer was a chore and low and behold you met your neighbors. Imagine this……the smell of fresh cut grass, sitting in your driveway having a socially distanced happy hour with your newly met neighbors, talking about all the improvements you have done to your home. Pretty satisfying vision if you ask me…..


  Holiday Decorations

 This third good thing is surely something we can all agree about. The holiday decorations this year have been the best I have seen in many many years. Obviously the holiday season this year is a quite a bit different then in years past, which it seems is all the more reason to inflate that frosty the snowman on your lawn or put up three more strings of twinkle lights. I took a walk around my neighborhood a couple nights ago and just marveled at all the holiday lights and decorations that had been put up on the homes. Almost every house on the street was lit up so bright that even Clark Griswold would have been proud. I am not sure if its all the extra time people have or just the need to spread holiday cheer in a time when cheer is in short supply. Regardless it was great and I encourage you and your family to take a spin around the block and enjoy the lights .


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