3 Key Variables To Consider In Pricing Your Home

The number one thing most home sellers are concerned about usually is what amount of money they will get in exchange for the sale of their home. Many online home valuations allow you to get a ballpark idea of what your home may be worth, but it's important to consider nuances of your home such as any recent repairs or remodels, a new roof, where it's located, what zone is it in ? what flooring has been installed ? what are your views like? The list could go on and on.. Here's the best part... ultimately, the market dictates the amount you will get for your home.. and unfortunately, we don't have a lot of control of that particular variable. 

The next thing after price you may want to consider when selling your home is timing. Is it the right time to sell. What are interest rates doing? Are there more buyers in the market right now (if you are reading this in Jan 2021, then yes..)? Are there more sellers in the market.. (if you were reading this in 2009, then yes).  Are you hoping to sell quickly and efficiently, or are you okay to take things slowly? Other things to consider when timing the sale of your home may be cash flow. Do you want to sell before your next monthly mortgage payment is due, or, do you need extra cash flow for taxes and may want to consider that. 

Lastly, the most important variable for you to consider when selling your home and determining the price of your home is your real estate agent. While all real estate agents have to take coursework to get their license, that is where the similarities end. You want to choose an agent who is going to consider all the variables that come into play when selling your home (there's probably about 120 of them). Any one of these variables if handled wrong could cause you to lose your buyer, or cause delay in the transaction. You may want to consider if your agent has access to special programs such as all cash offers, or if your agent has any other special certifications. Ultimately, you will be engaging in a working relationship with your agent, and you want to make sure that your needs are heard, your primary goals are achieved, and you're treated with the respect and attention that you deserve. 


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